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Posted by Alice McCall on 15th Aug 2022

15 Super Space-Saving Kitchen Hacks

As someone who has rented for years, and has friends who are in the same position, I have noticed that the kitchen is often the smallest room in rented apartments. This makes sense, as beyond cooking, …

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Posted by Alice McCall on 4th Aug 2022

Happy Birthday Bertie

Bertie is the backbone of Pick and Fix. Bertie is a stout little man. He's a redhead, and he has twinkly brown eyes. He thinks with his stomach and is incredibly stubborn, but full of love for the peo …

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Posted by Alice McCall on 29th Jul 2022

Surviving Your Kitchen This Summer

Last week, temperatures in part of the UK reached a record-breaking 40 degrees centigrade. This is cause for concern for the environment, but - understandably - many are more concerned about how they …

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Posted by Alice McCall on 12th Jul 2022

Summer's In, So Let's Sit Out

The weather in the UK is often unpredictable, but - at the risk of jinxing things - it currently feels as though the sun is here to stay for a while. People are getting their shorts out and putting th …

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Posted by Alice McCall on 11th Jul 2022

Get The Look: Nigella's Kitchen

If you've ever turned on your television and found that Nigella Lawson's 'Cook, Eat, Repeat' programme is on, you've likely lusted after her beautiful kitchen. Her numerous TV shows over the years hav …

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