Posted by Alice McCall on 10th Oct 2021

Tutorial: How to Fit Knobs And Handles On Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever wondered about how to fit your new knobs and cup handles on your kitchen cabinets? Well, you wouldn't be the only one. Whether you've bought bar handles, cup handles, knobs or bow handles, there's a method to the madness of fitting your cabinetry hardware! For each handle style, the ideal placement will differ, even if only a little. It's the little things that make the difference, so we would recommend reading on.


We're going to start off by talking about how to fit a cup handle or handles. When it comes to installing this style of handle, there are usually two screws needed to fit them. This can be fiddly, but it's important that you use both screws to fit the handle, otherwise your kitchen cupboard paintwork could get damaged!

With upper cupboards, you should drill holes roughly three inches above the bottom of the door to fit your cup handle. With lower cupboards, it's the opposite - roughly three inches below the top of the door. Simple enough, isn't it?

Brushed Brass Cup Handles


Knob handles are simpler than cup handles because they tend to only need one screw to install them. When fitting knobs to cupboard doors, you should attach them roughly three inches above the bottom of the upper cupboard door, or roughly three inches below the top of the lower cupboard door. Just like with cup handles!


With fitting knobs, there's more diversity because they can be used on drawers as well as cupboards. If you want to attach your new knobs to a drawer, find the centre and screw them into place! If your drawer is longer than 24", we would recommend fitting two knobs. To do this, divide the drawer into thirds and attach your knobs to the outer thirds. Typically you would attach the knob in the centre lengthways as well as widthways, but you could go for a more modern look by installing it in the upper third of the drawer.

Ceramic Red Heart Knob


When it comes to fitting bow and bar handles, their placement all depends on their size. For longer bow and bar handles, they should be fittedhorizontally, about three inches away from the edge of the door. For shorter ones, they'll sit nicely on the bottom of the door, about three inches from the edge!

Pack of 20 Round Ended Bow Handles

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