7th Jun 2014

Holding Sway - A Door Handle Renaissance

An article in the  Financial Times Superior Interiors takes a look at the handles high-end designers are now choosing. 

The article explains that UK manufacturers are now filling the gap for luxurious and contemporary high quality handles. The article quotes how "designers became tired of the minimal bent-stainless-steel bar or "D" handle that began to appear on every single cupboard and door from Texas to Timbuktu".

Some truly superb and unique handles demonstrate this! 


This Dragon handle from Beardmore retails at £678.

Additionally this Leaf handle at £97 and Snake from £77 available from Ashley Hicks.


Both look beautiful in their own right regardless of the cupboard they are fitted on!

At PickandFixKitchens we realise the importance of beautiful and unusual cupboard handles for your kitchen and home furniture. Hence not only do we look to the usual manufacturers of kitchen handles but also bring you cast iron handles, cup handles and knobs and ceramic handles in many designs! Whilst we cant give you a truly one off we are also a little easier on your pocket!