Posted by Alice McCall on 4th Aug 2022

Happy Birthday Bertie

Bertie is the backbone of Pick and Fix. Bertie is a stout little man. He's a redhead, and he has twinkly brown eyes. He thinks with his stomach and is incredibly stubborn, but full of love for the people he's closest to - especially his mum. Everywhere he goes, people stop to admire him. 

Yes, he really is that handsome. No, I'm not biased.

Bertie looking very dapper in his SundayBest bandana

By the way, Bertie is a dog; a standard sized, red daschund to be exact. He turned three a couple of days ago and had a lovely day of ripping open treats and new toys wrapped in newspaper, having even more stomach rubs than usual and playing with his friends, who live next door. 

We got Bertie the November before the coronavirus shut down the world, and I'm not sure how we would have got through lockdown with our sanity intact if Bertie hadn't been around, demanding walks and attention, and making us all laugh every day. 

Bertie a couple of weeks after he came home with us - he was so tiny!

To celebrate three years of Pick and Fix's mascot, I thought I would share some facts about Bertie. So, without further ado...

  1. Bertie is a Leo! He is loyal, lively and has to have everyone's attention.
  2. His best friend is Ronnie, the bichon frisé who lives next door. 
  3. His favourite thing to do is chew. He loves dried yak milk, bones, and toys that are made to be chomped on.
  4. Bertie has had his five seconds of fame when he appeared on the news!
  5. Bertie absolutely loves to be gently kissed on the face.
  6. He takes himself to bed between 8-9pm most nights.

So there you have it! That's a little bit about our Bertie. Do you have any pets? Let us know over at our Facebook or Instagram page.