Posted by Alice McCall on 13th Nov 2021

Green Is My Favourite Colour...

... I like it better than blue and yellow combined. Isn't that one of the most awful dad jokes you have ever heard?As the new year draws closer, we are seeing new decorating trends popping up. An …

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Posted by Alice McCall on 28th Oct 2021

What'll It Be This Time? Kitchen Trends of 2022

Can you believe that we're in October already? In a couple of months it'll be December, and we'll be about to call in a new year. In my mind, we're still in 2016, so to think that 2022 is just around …

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Posted by Alice McCall on 1st Oct 2021

A Simple Bread Recipe

Many of us have dreamt of leading a slower life. We want to stop and smell the flowers, craft things with our hands and prepare our own meals from scratch. It makes sense, doesn't it? We've all been t …

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Posted by Alice McCall on 26th Sep 2021

The History of Cast Iron

When it comes to decorating your home, cast iron is a wonderfully versatile material. From shabby-chic living rooms to rustic-minimalist kitchens, it goes with all kinds of different decor styles. Her …

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