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Ceramic Knobs for Kitchen Cupboards, Dressers and Drawers


Ceramic knobs have changed dramatically from the cheap plain knobs in white or cream that were common in the past.

There is now a wealth of choice of beautiful ceramic knobs in all colours, spots, stripes and a multitude of patterns and designs. They are usually hand made and hand painted in exquisite designs. Occasionally transfers are used to give consistency but the hand painted knobs are usually more appealing because of their uniqueness.

A well chosen ceramic knob can transform and refresh an old piece of furniture.   So consider replacing your existing knobs on your dressers, bedside tables, drawers and other furniture as well as your kitchen furniture. Ceramic knobs will give your furniture an inimitable style and it certainly seems that many people are using these ceramic knobs to update their cupboards and drawers. It seems a ceramic knob can add a touch of brightness or sophistication that a the usual metallic knobs and handles fail to do. In short the ceramic knob becomes a point of interest in its own right.


Ceramic knobs can be split into several styles 


Solid Colours             varioussolid.jpg  

Spots and Dots     variousspots.jpg

Stripes     Patterns               blueflowera.jpg
Black and White       Ceramic Knob Black & White with green and red tints  


The usual shape for ceramic knobs is round but there are also flower (or melon) shaped knobs.

                                                   Ceramic Knob Flower Shaped

Modern kitchens are often minimalist with crisp lines throughout but for those seeking a more lived in kitchen with lots of interest ceramic knobs can add a new dimension and individual look.

What’s sure is that is plenty of choice from the huge diverse range of ceramic knobs available. 

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