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Gallows Shelf Bracket from 'The Intern'


If you have enjoyed the movie 'The Intern' you may have admired Ann Hathaway's characters kitchen. There is a great display of open shelving using Gallows style cast iron shelf brackets.

These have been a long time favourite of our and are available at £9.95 and are available here

By the way if you haven't watched the film yet you should do so as its a terrific movie!

Cup of Tea Test

There was a time that the golden rule in the design of any kitchen was the 'Work Triangle' ensuring that the sink, cooker and fridge were all within easy reach. But the latest design rule is the 'Cup of Tea Test'.In Britain we love our Tea and coffee so often the most frequent task in [...]

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Victorian style Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Heres some great pictures of Cast Iron Shelf Brackets!(Find our selection of Cast Iron Shelf Brackets here ) Iron Accents use these Fleur de Lys style brackets:- ' Large wood boxes supported by iron brackets make a unique shelf. This is perfect for a laundry room, media room, living room or office for some unique, beautiful storage!'  Traditional [...]

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Great Expresso!

Love this video of how to make the perfect expresso found on the internet. Buy a #LaCafetiere Classic #Espresso Maker 6 Cup available at http://www.pickandfixkitchens.co.uk/la-cafetiere-classic-espresso-maker-6-cup/. Price reduced to £19.99 from £24.99.

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Holding Sway - A Door Handle Renaissance

An article in the  Financial Times Superior Interiors takes a look at the handles high-end designers are now choosing.  The article explains that UK manufacturers are now filling the gap for luxurious and contemporary high quality handles. The article quotes how "designers became tired of the minimal bent-stainless-steel bar or "D" handle that began to appear on [...]

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Whats Motivating you to Upgrade your Kitchen

Found this interesting survey by Houzz on whats motivating Kitchen upgrades in the USA. Turns out 79% want to improve the look and feel of their kitchen!  Well what better way than some new handles!! Click below to read the full article.   A New Houzz Survey Reveals What You Really Want in Your Kitchen  

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Ceramic Knobs for Kitchen Cupboards, Dressers and Drawers

Ceramic knobs have changed dramatically from the cheap plain knobs in white or cream that were common in the past.There is now a wealth of choice of beautiful ceramic knobs in all colours, spots, stripes and a multitude of patterns and designs. They are usually hand made and hand painted in exquisite designs. Occasionally transfers [...]

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How to mix Kitchen pull handles, knobs, and cup pulls

How to mix Kitchen pull handles, knobs, and cup pulls Cabinet hardware is the all important finishing touch that can make your kitchen stunning or possibly terrible. Well chosen handles are critical in any new kitchen and possibly more so in a kitchen refurbishment.In the past kitchens were designed either with all pull handles or all [...]

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